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Qnekt: After Hampus Jakobsson showed an interest in investing, there was no saying no

Written by on August 19, 2013

Today I’m speaking with Finnur Sverrisson, CEO and co-founder of Qnekta conference app we wrote about some months ago now. To summarise, Qnekt have a platform on which conference organisers can create white-labelled applications for their events, and attendees can use those apps to help with networking, time management and finding a location.

It was announced recently that Qnekt had raised funding from Hampus Jakobsson och Johan Lenander (formerly of TAT, sold to RIM/Blackberry in 2010).

I caught up with Finnur again to ask a few questions regarding that process.

Finnur, congratulations on the funding. Tell us about the process. How did you get in contact with Hampus and co and how long was the process?

Thank you! We are really happy with our backers. Hampus and I have known each other for a while and I actually think that it was because of the previous article, here on Swedish Startup Space, that he contacted me about Qnekt (Editor note: AWESOME) with some info from similar companies that he knew about in the states. After Hampus and John showed an interest in investing, there was no saying no – even if we weren’t looking for an investment!

It took about 6 weeks to get it through, after meeting with both Hampus and Johan again. Hadn’t it been for summer vacations it would have gone quicker.

What will you use the funding for?

We are going all in. A team of 7 working full time with Qnekt, dropping all bootstraping activities!

We are focusing on sales and marketing and of course developing our services further, for example, getting the app available on various other platforms and implementing an exciting feature that we know will be very interesting for our clients.

Since we spoke, what has happened?

We’ve been focused on sales since then as well as improving the app in iOs and Android. We’ve built the first version of our CMS system that is now used to update all conferences, when we last spoke we did everything manually in the backend system.

Give us a few weeks and we’ll share some very exciting updates with you!

Thanks Finnur!

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