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Interview with Robert from Seenth.is – A new way of following your favourite artists

Written by on August 7, 2013

Today I caught up with Robert Furelid, CMO of Seenth.is – an app that believes they have invented a new way of following your favorite artists.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do at Seenth.is

We are founders Marcus Myrberg and Jesper Benon and CMO Robert Furelid

What problem does your product solve? Why should a music lover use your app?

Information overflow. Since the advent of social media and rise of multiple social networking sites that all serve different purposes, it’s tough to keep up with everything. Seenth.is aggregates this everything and presents it in a neat way.

Music lovers should use our app simply because they will always find the most interesting and relevant things for their artists, festivals or events, in the blink of an eye.

The three main features for Seenth.is are:

    • Fan Feed: People create amazing content for and about their favorite artists, but there’s a lot of it and it’s hard to find. Seenth.is shows you all the cool videos, pictures, tracks and posts created by fans before they spread to everyone else. Rather than listing content in a chronological order, the Fan Feed is ranked based on social engagement and acceleration amongst other things.
    • Artist Feed: Staying up to speed on what’s happening in social media is a full-time job. Seenth.is take all the stuff your favorite artists post online and present it to you in one single feed.
    • Live Feed: You never got that ticket, or the event took place in another city or country? Seenth.is collects social updates backstage, on stage and from the crowd at a live event to mirror that experience through everyone attending.

How big is your team? Are you working full-time on this project?

We are 5 people working full-time on this project.

How much competition is there in your area? I see some similarities in features to Last.fm, what is the key difference?

We think the key difference from any competition is a) our algorithm that keeps the information just, relevant and interesting and b) the way we aggregate and present social media content. No matter what direction the landscape is shifting, Seenth.is will still be able present user and artist generated content with second to none back-end technology in a great way.

What is the next step for Seenth.is? I read that you are working on your Android version?

Yes that is true. We are also working on evangelizing the app that is already great. We have lots of ideas and never want to stop trying them out.

Are you looking for funding anytime soon or are you all set?

We are all set for the time being.

Thank you Robert for your time, go ahead and check out Seenth.is in the appstore!

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