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Bilprospekt – Modern analytical tools for selling cars backed by Hampus Jakobsson

Written by on July 30, 2013

Car salesmen have been using the same tools since the T-Ford. Three young men from Helsingborg are going to change this. I caught up with Jakob Werner to learn how.

Hi Jakob, tell us a little bit about yourself and Bilprospekt.

I’ve previously worked with automotive sales at a Volvo dealership in south Sweden together with my co-founder Andrée Heino. We found out that car dealers today lack modern sales and market analytic tools. Together with the third co-founder Niklas Silfverström who has a background as a programmer and tech-entrepreneur we founded Bilprospekt.se. Bilprospekt is a modern online sales and analytic tool for car dealers.

How did you come up with the idea?

I was working on the floor everyday with selling cars; I had a growing frustration with the old and clumsy or not existing tools. It all became quite clear to us we had a perfect team in a huge and sleepy market.

Why should I use Bilprospekt?

Because you are a car dealer and you want to sell more cars! You can find possible buyers in our tool and you can keep track on your competitors, and analyze the market. We provide the most powerful analytic tool for anyone who wants to know everything about the Swedish automotive market.

Where is your company now and where would you like to be in one year?

We just received our second seed investment from our investors Hampus Jakobsson and Johan Lenander. Next year we will launch our B2B product in a few more countries. We will also focus more on the B2C part and the online buying process of cars.

Thank you Jakob!

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