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Wint – Accounting services 2.0

Written by on July 27, 2013

As I wrote in my article about Billogram, being an entrepreneur and company builder is not only about the fun stuff. Administration comes hand in hand with starting and growing your company. When I think about accounting I instantly see the color grey. Wint is a company that would like to put colors into the word accounting and are rethinking the whole business of accounting and auditing to better match companies built today. I caught up with their Marketing manager, Johan Thorsson, to learn more.

Hi Johan, tell us a little bit about yourself and Wint

Wint is something unusual. An audit and accounting firm that tries to change the world. In all honesty, to buy accounting services today is like getting a Google Analytics report one and a half month late, made manually and without the possibility to look at what you want. It can be done differently than today. That journey has been started with the help of our webbservice Superkoll.

Not to mention how far auditing has come in its development. Did I say far? I of course meant short. There are lots to do when it comes to profiling and tooling.

My role at Wint is to communicate and change how our industry is thought of and transform our products to modern standards. I have previously worked at one of the giants in the industry, and some minor online projects

What are the biggest benefits by choosing Wint instead of an ordinary accounting firm?

You will save time and paper. Receipts, invoices and supplier invoices are all digital. You take a photo of your receipts with a mobile phone and send it in directly. Invoices are sent through either e-mail or by regular mail, both of which you as a customer never sees the paper. Supplier invoices are scanned and interpreted by us and you will only get an e-mail with one button to attest it. We are obviously not done with the accountant version of Google Analytics, but we are miles ahead of most in our industry.

Wint would like to change the accounting industry, in what way?

We do not believe that entrepreneurs will be satisfied with the premises of the industry today. It is too much overhead and too little that is automatic. It would be fantastic if we can lessen the administrative burden of entrepreneurs in Sweden.

What are your plans for the near future?

Continue to simplify and standardizing what we already have but also add more futures so to fit a wider range of companies. We have an ongoing discussion with our customer who uses Superkoll. Their input is extremely valuable when we prioritize tasks. Our backlog is in the thousands, so the most common question usually does not start with “if” but “when”.

Thank you Johan!

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