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iZettle: ‘We’ve gone from being only a innovative card terminal, to a complete service that lets you manage your store’

Written by on July 25, 2013

Today I’m talking with Daniel Hilding and Petter Nilsson – two critical members of the iZettle design team. They recently performed an overhaul of the iZettle brand, so we talked about that and what they look for in potential new team members.

Tell us about yourselves and your background

We met each other at Forsbergs School of Design, but Daniel first studied design at Billy Blue in Sydney. At Forsbergs we did a lot of projects together and we also received an award for the ‘Best Final project’ with our Information Overload.

After we graduated we worked apart for some time before joining a design agency called Identity Works. There we worked on clients such as Spotify, HouseTrip & Swish. When we were contacted by iZettle, we saw an opportunity in working with a single product at a startup; where you get th e time and resources to do things right, and don’t have to mess with clients.

Tell us about the design team at iZettle – how many are you now?

We’re a small team with four designers, one interaction designer and one design intern. Although we’ve doubled in size as a team (and quadrupled as a company) in the last year, we want to keep it small in the future.

You recently did a massive redesign – tell us about that process – how long did it take, how many were involved and what were the business goals?

It took roughly 6 weeks, but over a longer period since we did other stuff in between. About half of that time was design and the rest development.

The main business goal was, of course, to increase conversion. But there were plenty of other things we also wanted to do. A lot had happened to iZettle since the last redesign. We’ve gone from being only a innovative card terminal, to a complete service that lets you manage your store, with sales analytics, product library and receipt printer support etc. We wanted to make sure that the visitors realized that. We also looked at the analytics of which pages the visitors actually visited, and understood that the things we had decided to put in the top navigation weren’t the most popular pages. Another focus was to make it cleaner, as the old site had become terribly cluttered. On top of that, we also got a updated brand identity which needed to be reflected on the new site.

Other than us, also working on the project was Alicia (Interaction designer), Ruben (Product manager), Charlotte (Communications manager) and Damien & Erik (Developers).

We had a startup meeting, defining goals, and then Alicia started working on the new site structure. Meanwhile we began doing some visual exploration on how to implement our new brand identity, with a new typeface, tweaked colors and an overall “flatness”. Based on the output of Alicia’s work, we started doing sketches of the individual pages, while syncing with Charlotte to make sure the communication was clear. We also worked really close together with Damien and Erik, “our own” front end developers, one of the key benefits of working as a designer at a startup. Much of the final design tweaks got added straight into the code during the week before launch.

If someone is interested in a career at iZettle in design – what qualifications do you look for and what attributes are most important in a team-member?

Your portfolio or cases of work you’ve done is of course of great importance. But we value passion and awesomeness, not a particular number of years on the job. You should be ready to take on and learn new things and not being afraid to take own initiatives – at a startup you’re not always told what to do next.

And of course you have to be a great team player – in C&C Red Alert for a few hours on Fridays :)

Thanks Petter and Daniel!

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