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Hantero: A project management tool born out of a passion for productivity

Written by on July 20, 2013

Today I’m speaking with Tobias Sandelius – a web developer who is launching a project management tool called Hantero after the summer. We caught up for a brief chat. It’s current in private beta – but I know there are some beta codes around. Get in touch with Tobias on Twitter if you’re interested in testing it.

Tell us a little about yourself and your background.

I’ve been developing for the web for at least 10 years  now. During the day I work as a project manager and Rails web developer and on evenings and weekends I create magic software! I’ve been committed to open source for many years.

I live, and work, in Växjö, Sweden with my family and believe that code is poetry. I also love creating useful applications that people really need. I’m passionate about productivity and that’s how I came to work with Hantero.

This is a crowded space – how do you differentiate yourself?

My main selling points are that most of existing software is way to complicated. Nice features is a must but you don’t have to show them everywhere so everything gets cluttered. Show the most common task you need to do daily. I works as a project manager so I know what I’m talking about.

The ability to time your task is also an important thing that I really miss in e.g Basecamp. In Hantero you can both start a timer or enter time manually via a simple interface. The main focus is productivity, speed, and a joy for the eye.

Which kinds of customers are your targeting?

My customers will mostly be companies and organisations but could easily be used by anyone. I’m using it to renovate our house and it works great.

 So, when are you launching?

I’m planning to go live after the summer when everybody is back at their work.

Thanks Tobias!

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  • Tobias Sandelius

    The URL hantero.se is mostly for swedes. I’ll promote hantero.com internationally.

    I’ve created more invite-tokens. Use ‘hantero-twitter’ in the signup form here: http://hantero.com/signup

    • SwedishStartupSpace

      Thanks Tobias!

    • Hey Tobias – are there any more beta invites? Would love to try it and review for a publication I write for on start-ups. This would be a perfect tool for people creating their own start-ups.

      • Tobias Sandelius

        Hi. I created 100 more invites before. Use ‘hantero-hackernews’ without ‘

  • Tobias Sandelius

    There’s a new invite code since the last one run out. Use ‘hantero-hackernews’ from now on. I’ve created 100 of them so be sure to signup quickly because they run out like butter in the sun :)

    • Anders Hassis

      Thanks Tobias!

  • Aidric Brown

    I would like to suggest proofhub project management tool for organized management over projects. It is a simple tool, but with great functionality. It has also got timesheets for time tracking, calendar, notes besides other useful features. http://www.proofhub.com/

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