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Fishbrain’s data kills one of fishings biggest myths

Written by on July 11, 2013

Fishbrain is a social network for fishing, allowing users to log their fishing trips and share their catches with others. Things have been going well for the Gothenburg-based team – recently announcing a partnership with Discovery Channel and that they’ve passed the 80,000 user mark in under 6 months.

What’s most exciting about Fishbrain is that they are gathering an immense amount of fishing data – something that is extremely valuable – both for the company, and it’s users. By  collecting large amounts of user data, Fishbrain can accurately predict fishing chances in certain spots and in certain weather conditions. When one considers that fishing is a bigger market than golf and tennis in the US alone  – the future looks pretty bright for Fishbrain.

Using their data, Fishbrain have already falsified one of fishings biggest myths – that the best fishing is done in the morning. By analysing over 40,000 catches made by 80,000 anglers worldwide – Fishbrain are suggesting that the best fishing is done in the late-afternoon.

“I’m super excited that we can kill this old myth and instead prove that in general fishing is most effective later in the day. Our fishing data gives us unique opportunities like this and we will continue to go after other myths in sport fishing to either prove them right or kill them”,  says Johan Attby, CEO of FishBrain.


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