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Another international VC takes notice of the Nordics

Written by on July 10, 2013

Wayne Gibbins – a VC at Notion Capital has recently spent time in the Nordics and wrote a great post on the Nordic startup ecosystem. You can find the post here. I thought I’d summarise some of the information, as it really is great reading.

What’s exciting however, is that here is another international VC who is planning to spend more time in the Nordics – building relationships with entrepreneurs.

On spending more time in the Nordics:

“The region is certainly on my watch list with some future trips planned for various key events, new relationships with investors and entrepreneurs formed and good to meet some of the people we’d otherwise only been in contact with by phone or mail”.

On what makes the Nordics special:

In the startup and technology ecosystem one might think of Spotify, Skype, Rovio and firms like Nokia and Ericsson that pioneered the mobile “revolution”. What all that means in terms of the regions strengths is highly skilled engineering, great mobile experience, design and UX skills from the core. This has led to what is one of Europe’s most exciting and vibrant startup ecosystems.

On ‘Why to invest in the Nordics’: 

Great repeat entrepreneurs, great co-investment partners, top engineering and design talent and global company building from day one.


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