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TopVisible: From SEO consultancy to global software business

Written by on July 2, 2013

Oresund Startups have reported that Malmö-based SEO firm TopVisible have taken in funding to expand their business. We’re unable to reveal exactly who has invested in the company but we do know that the figure is over 1,000,000 EUR and comes from private sources.

Scaling SEO-consultancy firms has traditionally been a problem for many who have tried – but this money should help them along the way. Moz is clearly the most successful player in this market – and it proves that scaling from consultancy to software giant is possible.

“There is currently few good SEO softwares with an international focus. We plan on changing that.” says Jacob Lönroth, one of the co-founders and CTO.

“This is a very exciting time, and with our great team and past experiences, we really think we are in a good position to become one of the main Internet marketing softwares in Europe in the next few years.” says Magnus Äng, TopVisible co-founder.

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