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iDoc24 launch new app STD-Triage to help you with rashes ‘down there’

Written by on June 28, 2013

iDoc24 is a Swedish health-tech startup that has been operational since 2008. The app helps connect patients who may be experiencing skin problems with dermatologists. Users can send anonymous images to the system, and will receive a response within 24 hours from a registered medical professional. Quite impressive.

They’ve recently announced that they are moving into the ‘Sexually-Transmitted Diseases’ – and are releasing an app called STD-Triage, which will function similarly to iDoc24 – just for STDs. The founder told me that over a third of the cases submitted to the original iDoc24 app were to do with rashes and itches ‘down there’ – so creating STD-Triage was an easy decision.

“We’re not trying to do something extraordinary, it’s very simple, you take a picture and you have a dermatological opinion,” says CEO Alexander Börve.

The app is free – but a ‘consultation’ with a real dermatologist will cost you $40.

Download the Android app here.

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