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Malmö-based Foap partners up with Puma

Written by on June 24, 2013

Foap  – the photo-marketplace based in Malmö have just announced that they are partnering up with Puma – for a global ‘photo mission’. Foap is a service that allows photographers to monetize their pictures by uploading them to the online photo market – and allowing ‘buyers’ to purchase the rights to use those photos.

Foap recently launched ‘Missions‘ – which helps brands connect with their fans by offering a reward for a particular photo that the brands needs for a marketing campaign. Puma are running a football-themed mission and are asking participants to upload their best football-related photos. The winner will receive 14,000 SEK for their contribution and the brand benefits by receiving a great library of stock-images for the future.

“We are constantly looking for new and creative ways to get closer to our fans. It is fantastic that with Foap we have a great and fun opportunity to give something back to our most loyal fans worldwide,” says Rutger Hagstad, Communications Manager at Puma.

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