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Interview: Fritjof Andersson, founder & CEO of Relation Desk

Written by on June 24, 2013

Are you working with community management using Facebook as a channel for building customer relationships? Then you should check out Relation Desk!

Take Uber for instance. We have thousands of fans on Facebook from all over the world, with different community managers in every country speaking different languages, so it’s very hard to keep track of all the relations made through Facebook.

With Relation Desk you keep track of all these ‘conversations’ in one dashboard. If I see a question on Facebook in Italian I can easily assign this comment to our Italian community manager. If we get a tricky question, and need to ask colleagues outside our community management team for help, we can actually do this directly from Relation Desk as well. It’s really easy to get your whole company involved when needed.

I’m very exited about Relation Desk and even more excited that it is a Swedish startup! I caught up with Fritjof Andersson, founder & CEO of Relation Desk for a quick chat.

Hi Fritjof. Tell us how did you come up with the idea for Relation Desk?

I was actually a social media manager myself when I came up with the idea. I had a lot of discussions with other social media managers and many of them said the same thing; they wanted to use social media to not only do marketing, but to actually build relationships with their customers.

I totally agreed with them. The problem is there are thousands of marketing tools for social media, but if you want to build real relationships, you don’t need a marketing tool, you need a customer relationship tool. I’ve tried every single social media tool I could find but none of them solved my actual needs, so I decided to build the solution I needed myself. We later on formed a company around the product and we’re now five partners working with it. That’s how Relation Desk was born.

So, for those who haven’t seen the product – tell us how it works?

Ha! I could talk for hours about that, but let me just give you the most important features. Ok, you know when you go home from work thinking “I think there was a customer on Facebook I didn’t answer today…”. Well, we fix that.

When a customer writes on your Facebook page, or sends your page a private message, that will show up in Relation Desk under your “Not Done” tab. You then answer, right through Relation Desk, and mark that question as done. Now, the great thing is that as soon as you get a new comment on that post, the post will automatically pop back from your “Done” tab to your “Not done” tab. So you know that when the “Not done” tab is empty, you really have nothing to worry about.

That’s the core of Relation Desk. Beyond that, you can invite your whole social media team and then you can assign tasks to each other.

And finally we’ve got some really cool analytics features. I know a lot of our customers love them. You can see not only how many questions you answer but also things like what your response time is. And we give you a complete analysis of when you should post on your Facebook page to engage your customers the most.

You can also see your relationship history with each and every one of your customers on Facebook. You can even track them across multiple Facebook pages to get a complete view of your relationship with that specific customer.

What kind of clients do you work with, what’s the main ‘use case’ for Relation Desk?

We’re very proud to have customers like McDonalds, TeliaSonera and Panasonic. Some of our customers have 50 employees working within Relation Desk, doing advanced collaboration, while some of our customers have one person using Relation Desk doing everything themselves.

So the value of using Relation Desk has actually nothing to do with the size of the organization, or even the number of likes on your Facebook page.

Do you have any plans on adding more features, such as Twitter and other social media platforms to manage via Relation Desk?

Oh yes, most definitely. We are right now working on support for Twitter. We don’t have an official launch date for that yet. After Twitter we will most probably launch support for Instagram.

We listen a lot to what our customers say they want and need, so it actually depends a lot on what feedback we get from the people using Relation Desk on a daily basis. The reason Relation Desk is where it is today is because we have truly amazing users guiding us in building the best relationship management solution for social media.

Thanks Fritjof!

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