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Freespee helps you take control of your mobile click-to-call advertising and analytics

Written by on June 20, 2013

I caught up with Alena Rybik, Community and Customer Service Manager at the Uppsala based company Freespee.

First of all, what is Freespee?

Freespee is a mobile advertising company for businesses whose customers want to talk to someone before they buy. Currently our product offer includes call tracking and analytics, communication API service and mobile click-to-call analytics and functionality, and it expands constantly.

What is your role and background?

I work here as a community manager, building the Freespee community from scratch. I’ve been working with communities for a couple of IT companies before, and startup philosophy is something I’m truly passionate about. This is my first B2B community though, which makes it very exciting and challenging.

How and When was Freespee founded?

It was founded 2009 in Uppsala by Swedish VoIP executives Carl Holmquist (CEO) and Tobias Lindgren (CTO).

How big is your team and how would you describe it?

Right now we’re 25 people sitting in Uppsala, Berlin, Copenhagen and Helsinki. We’re growing like a weed though, ask us this question in a couple of months!

Do you have any competitors?

There are no companies out there offering exactly the same product portfolio as us, but the closest ones to be called our competitors would be the US-based Marchex and RingRevenue.

Have you taken any external funding?

Yes, Freespee has raised a total of €5.2 million from external investors, the latest round of investment of €3.3 from Danish VC Sunstone Capital was in October 2012.

What’s your biggest traction?

We are European market leaders and operate in 16 countries all over the world.

What is the best thing about Freespee?

Definitely the team, they’re just the nicest bunch of people. And I also love our customer community members – honest, engaged and creative.

What is the next step for Freespee?

We’re now in a changing phase, with big things looming on the horizon. We’re not ready to let the cat out of the bag yet, but our new product launch has the potential to revolutionize the mobile advertising world.

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