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User-testing tool Lookback.io signs up Spotify, Wrapp and iZettle as first clients.

Written by on June 11, 2013

Today I’m talking with Jonatan Littke, of Lookback.io – a new tool to help iOS developers collect information on how their users are interacting with the app. They have already signed up Spotify, iZettle, Wrapp & Toca Boca – and they have just launched into private beta – so it seems to be going well for the guys. This is a hot space though, so Jonatan and I talked a little about how Lookback plan to differentiate themselves from the crowd.

Hi Jonatan, tell us a little bit about the Lookback team

The Lookback team consists of Joachim Bengtsson (an iOS veteran currently at Spotify) and Carl and Jonatan Littke (of the design and development agency Ripple)

So what is Lookback, and what problem are you solving?

Lookback is a user experience collecting tool to see how people really use your apps. Lookback helps you view your users as they interact with the app in their natural environment – not in a test lab, not doing what you told them to do, but when they actually use your app in their everyday lives.

So here’s how it works. You create a special version of your app where you integrate Lookback, and then send this version out to your beta testers. Lookback then records their screens, taps, sounds and facial expressions as they interact with the app. All of this is compiled into a video which is made available to you in our sexy web UI.

Impressive client roster already – Wrapp, Spotify & iZettle! Tell us about your customer acquisition process


Many of these companies care deeply about their user experience and rightly so. I think that’s why it’s been so easy for us to get people interested in the app. It’s what many people have been waiting for. The project grew from a real need and from a real pain so the demand is certainly there for a solution like this.

We aim to make Lookback available and simple to use for anyone wanting to improve their user experience of their apps. We’ve already got lots of interesting companies on the waiting list, so we’re really happy and humbled by the great reception so far!

Whilst the app looks great, it’s seems like a crowded market – how do you stand out?

Actually it’s not, we’ve never seen anyone else do what we do. Lookback does pixel perfect and full frame rate recordings of on-screen content and saves every touch and description of every view the user visits, if integrated. Even while your testing session is running, all the data is uploaded and becomes available in the web UI.

So Lookback uses no other equipment than the device that is also running the app. Other solutions we’ve seen focus on the quantitative collecting of usage statistics, but never the qualitative study of real user behavior and interaction. For the ones that do, they depend on preselected users and additional equipment, such as webcams, to perform the recording. Lookback, on the other hand, can be distributed to anyone who can run the app, and does not need additional equipment.

Where do you hope to be in three years?

Our vision is to help improve the user experience landscape regardless of platforms. We want to improve understanding and communication in general and while we’re only for iOS as of now, if the need is there then we’ll take this further.

Thanks Jonatan!

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