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Bitcard: Attempting to solve digital business-cards, once and for all

Written by on June 11, 2013

Digital business cards is a pretty crowded market – Feathr, Icon and Infoduce are just three examples of startups entering this space. This hasn’t deterred Pierre Orsander, an internet entrepreneur based in Malmö who spends his days at Applika, who we wrote about a few months back. Pierre has just beta-launched a new service called Bitcard – which he hopes can reign supreme in this hot space.

Pierre tells me that he started the service because he never had his business cards on him, and always had to make up an excuse as to why he couldn’t offer one. He tells me that, whilst many startups are attempting to crack ‘digital business cards’, Bitcard makes it completely effortless to find and share contact information – something he thinks will differentiate Bitcard from the competition.

One nifty feature is the Bitcard Wallet – where you can store various contacts. I often receive business cards and leave them on my desk as a ‘reminder’ to follow-up with that person – but if Bitcard can digitalise that process  – I can see some real value there, and that is something that would force me to keep the app installed.

Bitcard Wallet is currently available for iPhone and is in beta-testing at the moment. You can sign up at bitcard.nu.

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