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Billogram – Invoicing on autopilot

Written by on June 11, 2013

Being an entrepreneur is all about building something new. You can have your strength in development, product design, strategies, but having a company is not all about the fun stuff, there are also some tasks that don’t drive your company forward, tasks that steal your valuable time and focus. These tasks are called administration. Billogram is a service that helps you minimize the time you put on your invoicing routine. You may have seen the article about them in Veckans Affärer. I caught up with Cesar Sangchi, co-founder and CEO. Did I mention that the interface looks so good that you start to enjoy some administration….

Hi Cesar, tell us a little bit about your background and Billogram

I was born in Iran and moved to Sweden when I was 6 years old. I have always loved adventure and decided early on to become an entrepreneur. I started my first business shortly after high school. Jonas Suijkerbuijk, the other founder of Billogram choose a different path and started studying at the Stockholm School of Economics, but still started his first business about 6 months after that.

Both me and Jonas really hated administration and found it frustrating. We both have had experience working in ordinary invoicing systems and knew how much time needed to be invested to obtain an effective invoicing routine. All manual chores take a lot of time, to print and send invoices, track payments to see who has paid, send reminders to late payers, bookkeeping of the invoices, etc. We started to brainstorm on ideas of ​​how this process could be automated. There were automated services for large corporations, but not for smaller companies, and this category has, after all, nearly 500.000 businesses in Sweden alone. We decided to start the company and get to work!

Why should I start using Billogram?

Because you wish to free up time for your business and avoid the boring administration. We recently conducted a survey of users showed that they save 74% of the time previously spent on billing. In addition, our users get paid 13 days faster than the country average. Billogram is super easy to get started with, it only takes about 2 minutes to get started and you can immediately send your first invoice.

Do you have any competitors or is your idea unique?

We decided to start Billogram because we couldn’t find any service that focused on helping small businesses with the entire invoicing process. There are players out there who offer automated invoicing processes though, generally, to much larger companies. No one had a good solution for the smaller company, so it had to be us, even though we never thought we would have invoicing as our job. But as long as you make a difference and change something for the better, you will find it joyful and stimulating. Nowadays we love invoicing!

What are your plans for the near future?

Right now, we are growing very quickly and focus on picking a larger market share in the domestic market. When the time comes, we will launch Billogram outside Sweden and help more small companies to find the time to focus on their own business and get paid faster.

Are you going to broaden your product range?

To build a successful business, we believe that the focus on the core business is vital. Therefore, we will have full focus on making the invoicing experience as good as possible for the users and put the ancillary services such as financing solutions, debt collection and other related services that users find useful, through strategic partnerships.

Thank you very much Cesar!

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