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Jonas Bonde (Prisjakt) : “Sell your site if you are finished with it, not before”

Written by on May 27, 2013

Today I talked briefly with Jonas Bonde about how Prisjakt got started and what he may work on next.

Hi Jonas, before we move onto Prisjakt, tell us a little about yourself and your background

Before I started Prisjakt I was working as an database consultant at Sigma Exallon.

So how did Prisjakt get started?

Like most projects, I had the idea in my head, started to write some code – and before I knew it – I had a price comparison engine.

How was the price comparison space back in 2002 when you started it, who was around?

The inspiration for Prisjakt came from a site called “The Buyers Guide” which was a computer-part comparsion engine with a great forum.

Nowadays I guess that your biggest competitor is Pricerunner, so what makes Prisjakt unique?

Two major things:

1. We list the cheapest price first, Pricerunner often lists the merchants that pay the most.

2. We list all stores (over 3600 in sweden) to get the best prices.

In 2006 you were acquired – tell us a little about the experience?

Actually it didn’t change that much, more reporting but overall I think Schibsted is takes good care of it’s entrepreneurs.

You’ve announced you’re leaving the company – tell me about that decision and what are your next steps?

As the time goes by you get to work less time with the site and development things – which is what I really like working with. The next step is to start a new cool website!

How has the ‘internet startup’ scene evolved since you started in 2002 and what advice do you have for up and coming entrepreneurs here in Sweden?

Back in 2002 it was the dark days of the internet, extremely hard to earn any money and live on your work.

My two pieces of advice:

  1. Build a site with quality and user experience in mind, not money (it will come if you do a good work)
  2. Sell your site if your finished with it not before.

Thanks Jonas

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