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Taking the next step: Vamos look into disrupting online ticketing

Written by on May 21, 2013

We’ve written about Vamos before, but we just received a press release that outlines their visions for the future and their aim of disrupting online ticketing.

The global event discovery platform Vamos announced today that the company us shifting from just a window for Facebook events into becoming the ‘go to source’ for event inspiration and ticketing purchases.

Vamos tell me that online ticketing is a $50 billion market yearly, and ticket purchases from mobile devices are growing rapidly. The ability to purchase tickets within the app was obviously the key feature Vamos were missing, so with the addition of it, I think Vamos can take strides towards becoming a go-to for events and tickets.  

Some more info about Vamos:

  • The first version showed public Facebook events around the user, where friends where going and  Instagram pictures live from the locations
  • As of today more than 15.000 people already found over 150.000 events using the app and that  number is growing rapidly
  • In April the app listed over 250.000 events worldwide
  • 25% of the users checked the app for events more than 4 times / day in April
  • Company

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