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Sponsored posts on Facebook – Yes or No?

Written by on May 18, 2013

I don’t think any of you have missed the large amount of Sponsored Facebook Posts on your wall. They are many, especially in the app. I somehow feel like Facebook is experimenting with our limits; how many posts can we take before it affects our usage? By curiosity I’ve started to read the comments of every sponsored post I see and a big portion of the comments happen to be from annoyed Facebook users asking what the company is doing on their feed, sometimes in a very aggressive way.

I still believe there is a value of doing sponsored posts, but we have to keep in mind it’s a social ad and not a traditional one-way advertising. Unfortunately I see way too many bad sponsored posts on Facebook; using the same images they would use on a big billboard at an airport, with a yelling sales sentence and when they get comments from people they either don’t reply (what’s the point of doing social ad then?) or they respond something about the Facebook ad policy.

Important to keep in mind:

You might have all the “rights” to pay yourself into someone else’s feed, but the Facebook users don’t care however you’re allowed to put ads on their feed or not. If they don’t like it they will use the same channel to tell you and everyone else how much they hate your effort.

Do’s and Don’ts:

  1. Focus on your fans – promote post for the ones who already like you, get them more engaged and hopefully they will share it with their friends.
  2. If you still want to reach new people with your posts, try to fit into their feed. Use fun/crazy/authentic pictures and please skip the airport billboard images – people don’t log into Facebook to see ads.
  3. Make sure to reply on comments. This will make your sponsored ads look less like an ad and you get the chance to actually engage with the users.

Put on your creative hat and use PR strategies instead of traditional sales tricks for your sponsored posts.

Some successful sponsored posts I’ve recently seen on my Facebook feed:


  1. Always Sverige: friendly, asking a question, very authentic photo.
  2. Got2b Sverige: Competition announced via an Instagram picture makes it look like something that could have been in my feed for real.
  3. Billogram: Asking a question that got me curious. This post got me to see watch their movie and later on like their Facebook page. Well done!

Btw! Are you interested in social media and live in Stockholm? I know two great companies looking for Social Media peeps. Rebtel is looking for an intern over the summer and Billogram is looking for a Social Media Manager. Read more about the applications (here) and (here).

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