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RevRise – problem solving tools in the UX space

Written by on May 17

Today I’m talking with Jonas Karlsson from RevRise – a set of analytical tools to help customers optimise customer acquisition. We’ve written about RevRise before, so check that post out if this is your first time hearing about them.

Hi Jonas, nice work on the InputHQ hack, will that be a part of the RevRise toolkit soon?

Hi James, thank you very much! Yep, that’s right, it’s a product based on our platform. If you use Form Analytics, you can enable InformHQ with a push of a button, or vice versa.

The RevRise platform is very attractive, but there is not so much information on your website. Can you tell about your customers currently, who they are and why they use RevRise?

A lot has happened since the start, not only product wise but also customer wise. One common thing our customers share is that they are rather big enterprises with their highest turnover online. One of the first customer who contacted us is one of the world’s largest media company, they had tried different tools that failed to accomplish results similar to those we have delivered.

Form Analytics helps them making sure they are not missing revenue or causing bad user experience that in the long run harms their brand. Small pitfalls like technical errors, input validation, placement etc can a have big negative impact in some places and in this case they are measurable and actionable.

I think many people see the Form Analytics tool as a feature, not a business – how do you plan to turn RevRise into a ‘must-have’ product?

Look at RevRise as a distributed platform and base for problem solving tools in the UX space. After integrating one tool that solves one specific problem, you are able to turn on other tools for specific problems that exists on the RevRise platform. The synergy between those tools will be key. Form Analytics optimises the most critical part of your site and is also the first product in line that is built on the platform.

Look at RevRise as a distributed platform and base for problem solving tools in the UX space.

What are you working on currently and what’s next for you guys?

Right now we are in a strategy phase and plans coming out of “stealth”-mode late early fall. We also plan to release client cases and open up the platform to more customers.

Thanks Jonas!

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