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Startup PR: Easy ways to get coverage and recognition

Written by on May 16, 2013

There are many ways to get attention without having to put to much effort behind it, besides having a great product. One way is to nominate your company to start-up awards.

Awards related to summits and events are popular feature for a lot of media houses and various organisations.

And it is an awesome opportunity for a start-up to get your company under the radar and receive recognition for your product or service.

My tip is to make a list of all awards that are related to you business and start applying. Make sure to write down the nomination deadlines in your calendar so you don´t miss it. If you´re not applicable to be nominated for the award, look out for special start-up offers or if there is any possibility to participate in a start-up pitch for investors or experts. This is often less expensive than to attend as a regular guest.

If you get shortlisted, it makes a great news story to share with your network and potential clients.

International start-up competitions to look out for:

Le Web Start-up Competition

The Europas

The Crunchies

Bully Awards

TNW Start-up Awards

Nordic Start-up Awards

Some Swedish awards to look out for:

• Årets webbentreprenör

• Årets Webbkomet

• Sime hotlist

• 33-listan

• Svenska innovationpriset

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