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Last day to apply for the Wahlforss Berggren Internet Entrepreneur-Scholarship

Written by on May 14, 2013

Tomorrow is the last day to apply for the ‘Wahlforss Berggren Internet Entrepreneur Scholarship‘, so I just wanted to remind everyone about it, and I urge any Stockholm-based entrepreneurs to apply, it truly is a great opportunity  You’ll hang out with two experienced and proven entrepreneurs and meet a whole bunch of VC’s and inspiring people. Apply here!

I caught up with Henrik for a quick chat about the program.

Hi Henrik, tell us a little about the  WBIES?

So, it started back in 09 when I was looking for my next big idea. I was frustrated, bored and needed a creative injection. I called Eric up and he said, i’ll book you on the next flight to Berlin. When I arrived he had organized a day of speed dating with Berlin’s finest entrepreneurs and tech visionaries. When I was on the plane back home to Stockholm I felt like anything was possible. After a dinner together last year we decided to pay it forward and invite more entrepreneurs to a similar experience.

Tell us about last year?

Its all very simple. Sebastian & Alissa came down friday night, we had dinner together and prepared for the intense Saturday. We started the next day bright and early with 1 hour sit downs with investors, founders and leaders in technology all involved in the emerging Berlin scene. We drove all over town to not only discuss the next big thing but also see as much of the city as possible. We ended the night at 6am at Berghain, or, rather, me & Eric went home and left Alissa and Sebastian dancing to a massive kick drum.

What kind of companies do you look for?

We are actually looking less for companies and more for people with big ideas. Its about helping people to realize that anything is possible and that building something BIG is very important — and lots of fun.

Do I need a ‘company’ and a team?

Apply with yourself. Thats the winning strategy. You don’t need a team either. Although, if you are thinking about working together with someone, its a great opportunity to bring that someone along and try out a very intense weekend together.



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