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STHLM Startup Hack – My top 3

Written by on May 13, 2013

We wrote about Sthlm Startup Hack  a while back, and there event was held last Saturday at Skeppholmskyrkan. The winner was an app called Klatch a ‘social app for spontaneous hangouts’. In addition, I’ve had a good look through the concepts, and picked out three of my personal favorites.

1. InputHQ

This is an extremely simple, but rather effective idea. This app lets developers place ‘feedback questions’ in places such as order forms and thank you emails. The questions can be as simple as ‘what products should we have here?’ and asking the most simple questions to users should give developers some nice insight to what their users are thinking.

2. Linqup

Linqup.us is a mobile app to facilitate connecting with people around you. Aimed at conferences it uses Bluetooth to find contacts and suggest connections. A few other apps in this space, so will be cool to beta-test this one.

3. BasicRSS

Creating an account, adding a few feeds to BasicRSS and jumping into reading reminds us that an RSS reader doesn’t need a fancy UI, sharing capabilities and a million other features to be great. I think I’ll keep using this one.

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