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Interview: Karsten Deppert – Owner SHIP, Helsingborg

Written by on May 13, 2013

The series about Coworking spaces and offices in Skåne moves north to Helsingborg. I talked to Karsten Deppert, owner of SHIP in Helsingborg, over a cup of coffee. Karsten is a busy man and besides running SHIP he also have his own company, Contentor, and is the founder of Øresund startup news.

Hi Karsten, tell us a little bit about SHIP.

SHIP is a creative coworking space in southern Sweden. It is a unique coworking space in the sense that a lot of effort has been put in the design and feeling of the place, making it feel and look a lot more like a cool startup headquarter or even googleplex, rather than most coworking spaces. We are quite sure it is actually the best coworking space in the world. But we are modest about that.

Why should a startup have their office at SHIP?

Except for the great atmosphere and collaboration that exists between companies and startups here, there has been put a lot of thought into the design of the space – making the mixture of offices and open desks in such a way that it feels open but at the same time the noise level and distraction from others working here is never too high. SHIP is both intimate and large at the same time.

What are your thoughts about the startup scene in Skåne?

It is getting better and better. Malmö has some very interesting startups, Lund has some very succesful ones that have become behemoth in the region, such as Axis Communications and QlikTech. Copenhagen (if we include that) has also a lot of interesting startups, with Zendesk and Podio leading the way. And Helsingborg has some interesting startups, even if not as successful yet, such as Bilprospekt and Applika.

What company/companies at SHIP should I keep an eye on?

Definitely Bilprospekt, but also Prosocyal and of course my own company Contentor which have a very interesting future. The newly started incubator Think, run by Joakim Jardenberg, is gathering some very interesting entrepreneurs and startup ideas, so I it think will be great to see what happens with them here in our environment.

Thank you very much Karsten!


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