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Interview: Kajsa Bengtsson – Marketing and Communication Manager at MINC, Malmö

Written by on May 7, 2013

I continue my series about Coworking spaces and offices in Skåne. This time I interviewed Kajsa Bengtsson, Marketing and Communication Manager at MINC.

Hi Kajsa, tell us a little bit about yourself and MINC.

MINC runs an incubator program, an office workspace and is an important spot for meetings, events and content within entrepreneurship, innovation and growth in Malmö. The incubator program is housing 25 startups in early stage.

MINC/Incubator choose companies by looking at innovation, growth potential, internationalization potential, market access and entrepreneurial drive/team. MINCs main focus areas are companies within IT, media and design. Some of our success stories are Hövding, Polarrose (acquired by Apple), Algotrim and All the way to Paris.

I am Marketing and Communication Manager at MINC and I also work with our deal flow to the incubator. I take all the first meetings with the entrepreneurs that apply for the incubator program – the first filter to the program. We meet around 120 entrepreneurs every year that present a business idea and select around 15 to enter the program. For those who don’t get accepted we can offer the Workspace alternative, to get in to the house and work in our environment.

Why should a startup have their office at MINC?

MINC is a dynamic hot spot for entrepreneurs and startups in this region. The Network around and within MINC is valuable and important for entrepreneurs, sharing knowledge and helping each other is part of the culture at MINC.

What’s your thoughts about the startup scene in Skåne?

I think the short distance to the rest of Europe (Copenhagen Airport) and the culture of networking makes this an attractive place for startups!

What company/companies at MINC should I keep an eye on?

Orbital Systems, Green Furniture, Vergic, Shore and Invivoplay.

Thank you Kajsa!

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