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Creativoly: a 30-day email workshop on creativity

Written by on May 6, 2013

I kept seeing this ‘Creativoly‘ word around Twitter this morning, and I was happy to discover that it was a bunch of Swedes behind the project. I caught up with Niklas, one of the team to find out more.

Hi Niklas, tell us about yourself, what Creativoly is and your ambitions for the project?

I’m co founder of Hoa’s Tool Shop and partner at Psykologifabriken. Both companies work with trying to get people to use psychology in their life. I’ve been holding workshops and speaking about creativity for nearly three years. Creativoly is an experiment to see how we can get more people to learn and try my favorite psychology, which of course is creativity.

The idea really came from one of our users who said that she wished that she could get small tips about creativity everyday. Since I know the subject very well and read a lot about it it was fairly easy to create 30 bite sized lessons.

Creativoly is an experiment to see if there’s any interest in learning things in small portions through your mailbox. If this works then I’m open to “bite size” other areas of expertise, time management and decision making comes first in mind.

I hope that Creativoly can get more people interested in learning more about the science of creativity

Thanks Niklas!

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