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Swedes Abroad – Vamos want to solve the event discovery problem

Written by on May 1, 2013

I kept seeing the Vamos app around the place, but never really knew exactly what was going on and I must admit I’d never tried it either. I found out that even though they were a Berlin-based company, it was actually founded by three Swedes.

Whilst researching the app, I found out that Vamos have 20,000 registered users and a 4.3 average rating in the App Store – which is pretty impressive. They’ve been written about before by our friends at Venture Village and have already been translated into 15 languages.

I got in contact with David and we had a brief chat about what they’re doing.

Hi David, tell us about yourself.

I’m David, co-founder and CMO of Vamos. I’m originally from Stockholm, Sweden, but worked in the US, the UK and Norway at different agencies and digital production houses before I started Vamos together with my 3 other co-founders. Apart from our CTO (who is German) – we are all Swedish.

My goal in life or what’s driving me has always been to “create stuff” that makes people’s life a little bit better…. You know, whether it’s simplifying it or making it more fun. So every time I find myself in different situations or problems – my mind instantly starts to think about solutions. While working for ad agencies I’ve always been at the intersection of technology, design, culture and business.

What is Vamos and what is the problem you are trying to solve?

The problem we set out to solve with Vamos was a problem I think everyone has experienced.. every time you’ve asked yourself – “where are we going next?” – the problem of wanting to know what is going on around you…

The reason to why we wanted to solve these questions was that they are eternal… And we are creating a tool that pulls in events from different sources (right now mapping more than 100k events worldwide) and providing you with personalised and localised recommendations.

In our current version we show you a list/map of where your friends said they’re going on Facebook. We also give you the most popular events based on venue check-ins on Foursquare and overlay Instagram pictures in real time on top of the events.

Right now we’re intergrating more event sources and more location specific data to provide you with an incredibly awesome and personlised set of event recommendations.

So, how do you plan to make money?

We’re making money on selling tickets straight from the application and by simplyfing the purchase flow. The way we aim to disrupt the €50bn event ticketing market online is by personlising the content inside our app and creating a one-stop-shop for event discovery.

So what are the main differences between the Berlin and Stockholm scenes?

I’d say there are 2 big differences:

1. Generally the Berliners are more open and genuinely interested in exchanging knowledge. Most of the founders I’ve met there were expats and when you don’t have your closed friend circles you become more interested in meeting new people. You have networking and entrepreneur events every day in Berlin. The entrepreneurs are the rockstars over here today.

2. Everything you really need is a lot cheaper in Berlin a beer is €2, a falafel is €3 and you can still pull off  a small flat in the city center at €300-400 / month. However the prices are on the rise, so don’t tell too much people about this one! The last thing you need is good internet connection and 3G, here I’d say Stockholm is way ahead though

 However the prices are on the rise, so don’t tell too much people about this one!

Thanks David and download there app here!

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