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Tictail launch app store – the second step to becoming the world’s most loved online store solution

Written by on May 1, 2013


Tictail took a major step forward today by announcing they are officially launching their App Store. Up until today, Tictail customers have been able to use the few apps free of charge, but starting from today – apps will incur a small monthly fee. The apps available today include a custom domain, discount coupons and password protection.  In addition, Tictail tell me that 3 new apps are on the way and should be ready to go within the next few weeks. In the future, Tictail will be providing developers with an API, allowing them to create their own Tictail apps.

“For us it’s all about developing the future of retail together with the Tictail
community. We’ve built the first apps based on feedback from our stores, and we will
continue to focus on that dialogue. The next phase will be opening it up for anyone to
create add ons that can redefine online retail, in the same way anyone can create an
app for iPhones today.” says Carl Waldekranz, CEO and Co-founder of Tictail.


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