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Pingvin – a new boutique PR firm out of Stockholm

Written by on April 30, 2013

Tell us about yourself and your background?

My name is Linda Hörnfeldt, I’m originally from Örnsköldsvik in Norrland. I’ve been working with the web all of my adult life, making my first web page in 1997, when I was 17. Since then, I have degrees as a Media Producer and as a Web Editor, I’ve worked as a web designer, web editor, project manager, with marketing and PR, to name a few of my roles. After working with online PR and web producing at Efva Attling for the past two years, I’m going out there on my own!

Tell us about your new project Pingvin?

Pingvin PR is a creative digital firm. We focus on digital PR, social media and content marketing. I want to build personal relationships between brands, ambassadors and customers. I want to create unique, transparent content that engages and I want to tell stories. That is what Pingvin is all about. Creating relationships and telling stories.

So, why are you starting your own agency?

The opportunity to do what I love, ALL THE TIME. To spend my days being creative, working with passionate people and building brands. I also want to help people understand the greatness of content marketing and social media. Our customers want to be heard, and we have so much to gain by listening to them and giving them the content they want.

What sort of clients are you targeting?

I’m targeting small and mid-sized companies that need help with their digital persona. Some may not have found their online voice or space, some may need help to grow their fan base and some may need a boost in their content. I’m offering a Social Media Workshop to start with where I present the client’s current online state, help them set up their strategy, give them the tools and the advice they need to build and maintain their online relationships. Then I let them decide whether they want my help in managing their online presence or if they wish to do that by themselves.

What services specifically will you be providing?

I’m offering a full take on the online communication and PR. I can do anything from managing the conversation and campaigns in social media channels to creating websites, newsletters and other content that the client might need.

I also have an excellent knowledge about Blogger outreach. Having blogged myself for 12 years, I know how to approach and talk to bloggers and I have a good understanding of how they work. I also have many personal relationships with A-list bloggers that can be used in collaborations with brands.

Sounds good! What are the next steps?

To get to work! Right now I’m doing a lot of work getting the Pingvin PR site off the ground and contacting brands and bloggers that I want to work with. I’m so excited for this, I know for sure I have something great to bring to the business.

Thanks Linda!

Check out Pingvin on the web and on Twitter!

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