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Startup Day 2013 – A wrap up

Written by on April 29, 2013

Startup Day – one of the biggest events on the Swedish startup calendar was held last Saturday – with a massive crowd in attendance. As always, there were many great speakers and plenty of lessons to take away. Here are some of my favorites:

Carl Waldecranz – The first year of a start-up

This was undoubtedly one of the top talks for the day as Carl (Tictail) talked about the first year of a startup and of course outlined some of the do’s and dont’s. Tictail has been extremely successful in quite a short time – powering 10,0000 stores in the first 10 months of their existence.

  • Ideas have to change, it’s in the nature – Strong teams doesn’t.
  • Don’t hire developers – hire entrepreneurs.
  • We’re not building a product, we’re building a culture of innovation.

Oskar Kalmaru – Marketing needs no product

  • Sell what the customers see themselves buying.
  • “In the factory we make cosmetics – in the store we sell hope”.
  • “By not having a product, we had more access to people ideas”.

Ole Ruch – Going global from day one

  • “Find the core users in your market – innovate for them, make them love you and interact with them in a personal way”.
  • “The way we drive innovation is finding 100 people and asking ‘how can we solve your problems'”.
  • “When you build a reputation online, people are willing to do more”.


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