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How to lose office weight

Written by on April 29, 2013

Landing your first office job can feel like you just won the Super Bowl. But in the first three months, you may start to feel like you ate your way through a Super Bowl party instead. Office weight gain can be fought if you know how to play the game right.

Your eight hours of creativity, brainstorming, meetings, and making your business better does not all have to be done while sitting in a chair. High stress levels that are often associated with work can also help lead to weight gain. This is because under stress, our bodies go into fighter mode and releases various hormones like cortisol (stress hormone), which can cause shifts in metabolism, blood sugar, and blood flow.

Another type of office weight gain is the lack of movement and an increased intake of food. I am going to spell out the obvious here: stay away from sugary drinks and sodas. Instead, try and keep a special large bottle only for water, and drink about three of those a day. Keep away from office goodies by asking your office manager to buy unsalted nuts for the office to keep food cravings away.

To help combat stress at work and balance immobile time in front of the computer, here are six ways to ‘Deskercise,’ the only way to exercise in the office while not looking awkward.

Zen Mode

Stop what you are doing and take five minutes to clear your head. Take deep breathes to bring more oxygen to your brain and relax your muscles. Repeat this twice a day.

Got a case of the thankcles? (Thighs+ankles)

While seated with your knees together, imagine something is trying to pull them apart, and it is your duty to keep them together. Tighten and squeeze your thigh muscles in one-second pulses. Do this three times daily.

Tummy Toners

Listen to your grandfather for once and sit tall with a straightened spine. Clench the abdominal muscles as tightly as you can manage, pulling your naval towards the spine. Hold for five seconds, and repeat twenty times. Do this at least three times a day.

The Double Take

The “leave your chair twice” trick. Start to stand up and dig your heels into the floor to tighten the butt and thigh muscles; then pause for a beat and sit back down. Your co-workers will think you just forgot to do something on your computer. Repeat standing up and digging your heels in, and then fully stand up. Do this every time you get out of your chair and you will be doing some thigh sculpting squats!

The Elevator

This works best if your chair has arm rests. Place both hands on the arm rests and slowly lift yourself so your arms are holding your weight. Hold for five seconds, and then slowly bring yourself back to your seat. Repeat ‘the elevator’ ten times in a row, at least three times a day.

Calf Crunches

When you are standing, roll your weight onto your tip toes and slowly press them into the ground while raising your heels. Repeat this 20 times at least three times a day.

These are just a few inconspicuous Deskercises that will make you feel less stressed and more fit. Remember to always take the stairs and walk around whenever you have a chance. A healthy diet at lunch time, going into Zen mode, lots of water, and cutting out sugars during your work day will help you feel more alert and healthy.

Where to go

For those looking to fit in a gym workout, here are the prices for gyms in Stockholm.

Sats: 365 kr/month and up
Fitness 24 Seven: 199 kr/month
Balance: 795 kr/month and up
World Class: 349 kr/month and up
Actic: 210 kr/ month (1 year binding)

More information about the effects of stress and weight gain: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/stress/AN01128

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