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Kvittar – digitalized receipts

Written by on April 26, 2013

Both Martin Thörnkvist from Media Evolution and Ola Persson from STPLN have mentioned that Kvittar is an interesting startup to follow. I got curious and caught up with Anna Oscarsson, one of the co-founders, to learn more about who they are.

Hi Anna, tell us about yourself and your background?

I have a university degree from the Kaospilots and a background in marketing and accounting. I have worked with different projects and businesses within the media sphere since 2006 and founded my first company in 2007. With that company I have been working as an organization developer in different contexts.

What is Kvittar and where did the idea come from?

Kvittar is partly a service that enables restaurants and stores to send their receipts digitally to their customers instead of wasting trees and printing paper. We also have created a platform that makes it easier for people to handle their receipt digitally. Today that platforms target group is mainly small and mid-sized companies.

I started Kvittar as part of my final project when I was studying at the Kaospilots in 2009. My two friends and I were really frustrated about how much time we spent on handling receipts in our companies. Before I studied at the Kaospilots I had been working with bookkeeping and therefore I knew that there was a lot of time that could be saved if companies could handle receipts in an easier way. Together with my friends we presented the first prototype of Kvittar in the beginning of 2009 and got really good feedback. Since then it has developed and 2011 we were the first one out in Sweden enabling stores to hand out a digital receipt.

Tell us a little bit about the future for Kvittar?

At the moment we are focusing a lot on our brand Kvittar Expenses which is a B2B service for companies to handle their receipts in an easier way. By using Kvittar Expenses companies can scan their receipts with the phone and then send automatically summarized reports to the finance department. An easier and efficient structure for handling receipts in companies. We prospect a great growth with this service and plan to make it even better in the near future.

What are your thoughts about the startup scene in Malmö?

I think Malmö has a great potential for becoming a really good startup city. We have places like STPLN where you can have your office for free and a lot of other different places where you can sit in a creative environment pretty cheap. At the same time it is really cheap to live in Malmö, close to Europe and it got lots of great role models that has done successful exists. But I think the companies in the region will have to help each other out even more to be able to grow faster.

Thank you Anna!

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