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Interview: Ola Persson – Project Manager at STPLN, Malmö

Written by on April 25, 2013

I follow up my article about Coworking spaces and offices in Skåne. First out is Ola Persson, Project Manager at STPLN. I caught up with him to talk about STPLN and his view of the startup scene in Skåne.

Hi Ola, tell us a about STPLN and HUB:n?

STPLN is an open house available for anyone who wants to produce or take part of cultural projects, develop ideas or create a prototype in one of our workshops. At STPLN you get access to machines and tools, exhibitions rooms, a stage with sound and lighting equipment, meeting places, networking and of course our open office – HUB:n.

HUB:n itself is a free drop in office open for anyone and everyone. We provide desks, Wi-Fi, printer, a conference room, head phones and a kitchen with the essential coffee machine. Some people come here to work by themselves or in a group, either or it’s bound to be some networking going on! We see plenty of startups hanging around before they fly off to an office of their own when the wheels starts rolling.

Did I forget to mention that we have a Ping Pong table?

 Why should a startup work from HUB:n?

A lot of people find inspiration and motivation when working in an environment with other people in the same situation compared to working at home where it’s easy to get distracted. In an early stage startups also need to focus a lot on developing their ideas instead of worrying about paying the rent. HUB:n is a good platform where you really can take your time to get things right before taking the next step. With the possibilities of networking, hold meetings and get things done we dare to say that it’s a good spot for startups.

 What’s your thoughts about the startup scene in Skåne?

STPLN believes that creativity is the engine of Malmö’s economic, social and cultural wellbeing. Malmö has innovative soul and by building platforms to enhance the possibilities for startups to succeed I think it will be a very exciting future.

What company/companies at HUB:n should we keep an eye on?

Arduino for sure, open hardware and robots. CityAPI which helps the public to be more involved in the development of public spaces and Kvittar which is leading the revolution for digital receipts

Thank you Ola!

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