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Interview: Paula, Community Manager of Yelp Stockholm

Written by on April 24, 2013

Last week we had a very informal but wonderful Community Manager meetup. We met at the Rebtel HQ, and had some beers, played ping pong and discusses our communities and how we all work. Turns out we all have very different ways of doing our job, even though we have the same role.

Therefore, I decided to feature an interesting community manager here every month – starting today with Paula, Community Manager of Yelp Stockholm and responsible for the Swedish market. Paula is actually the only Yelp employee located in Sweden.

Paula, how would you describe Yelp for a stranger not familiar with the service?

Yelp is a website that connects people to great local businesses. You can read and write reviews, look at photos and find business information on Yelp.SE. Yelp is also available for the iPhone, iPad and Android. On Yelp you can find tips about everything from bakeries and bars, to clubs, tailors and salons. It’s a local guide, written by and for regular people like you and me!

What do you focus on the most within your job?

I want to help people love Yelp as much as I love Yelp! The global focus for all community managers at Yelp (we’re currently in 20 countries) is to spread the gospel of Yelp, but exactly how we do it depends on our personalities and interests. All of us are the face and voice of Yelp in our cities. And we’re all working to do that in fun and inspiring ways, like my fellow CM in Madrid who recently invited Yelpers to dress up like sailors.

Do you have any global “Yelp guidelines” you’re restricted to?

One of our company values is “Be Un-boring” and I think all of our community managers do a great job of upholding that ideal! As far as guidelines go, whether you’re a CM in Stockholm or Seattle, Singapore or Sydney, it’s your job write a wonderful Weekly Yelp, grow a great Elite squad and get the word out about Yelp in your city. For a taste of why it’s awesome to be Elite check out a recap of a recent Yelp Elite Event I hosted here in Stockholm. As community managers, we also help business owners use Yelp and take advantage our our free business owner tools.

What’s the best vs. worst with being a CM?

To start, it’s the best job on earth! I love the freedom of coming up with any idea, planning it and later on actually executing it!

The downside of being a CM is to know when to stop working. Can I stop working at 6pm and not think about my job until the next morning? Am I able to leave my community to take a vacation? These questions are very hard to answer as a CM and especially when you’re the only Yelployee in Sweden.

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