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CarbonStory: a way for everyone to get involved in climate change projects

Written by on April 21, 2013

I was at Startup Day yesterday and listened to Chad Hamre speak about making work meaningful – which was a really interesting speech that made everyone think about what they are working on! I caught up with Olof Lundström who is involved in CarbonStory, a crowd-funding platform for climate-change projects.

So, tell us about CarbonStory?

CarbonStory is a crowd funding platform for climate change projects. Easily accessible on the Internet, CarbonStory enables everyone to become part of a growing global community focused on fighting climate change. From as little as just a few dollars per month, users can neutralize their carbon footprints by sponsoring certified green projects that have been carefully selected by CarbonStory. Users can compare their activities with other CarbonStory users, form teams, share projects they have sponsored on Facebook and encourage friends to go carbon neutral. Users earn badges, get a personal account visible on the web and can download certificates. This experience makes the fight against climate change personal, meaningful and easy.

Tell us about the team involved?

CarbonStory has three co-founders and team members in software development and design. Co-founder Olof Lundström has a background from KTH where he among other things started up and built the student-driven entrepreneurship society Excitera. He has since an international career with innovation at the center point. Olof created CarbonStory to build the leading internet company in the climate change field. Find more information about the team here: https://www.carbonstory.org/info/show/team

Who else is active in this space?

Other carbon offsetting websites take a technical approach to carbon offsets, CarbonStory is created to appeal emotionally to users through vivid project descriptions and a tight integration with social media sites. In addition, the carbon footprint calculators are global by leveraging cross-country databases. Competitors typically cover just one or a few countries. This is based on deep in-house expertise in the computation of greenhouse gas inventories and conducting life cycle assessments.

How have your customers reacted to this product so far?

A month ago, we launched our beta version at SXSW, the hottest tech event in the US. SXSW is famous as the event where both Twitter and Foursquare took off. We are extremely happy to announce that we scored a very respectable number 2 place in VentureBeat’s competition for the Best Bootstrapped venture and number 7 overall at SXSW 2013.

So, what are then next steps?

We will focus on improving the service based on feedback from beta customers. We will also talk to corporates about brand engagement and employee engagement.

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