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Startup PR: Tools for distribution

Written by on April 19

There are a few different tools that can be good to know about when planning your press distributions. I’ll rapidly go through the most common ones. I’ve worked with both Cision and Mynewsdesk before, but then of course there is “the startup way” to do things.


It’s a great ‘all-in-one solution’ with both access to media lists, media monitoring and a distribution tool. What differ Cision from other similar tools is that you know that all contacts on your list will actually receive your news directly in their inboxes. A tip is to compile all your contact yourself and not trust that they are fully up-to-date here. I know both contacts and distribution cost a few pennies.


Is an external media room. You load up your news onto Mynewsdesk and then tag areas in which the news are relevant e.g. Internet, E-commerce, Retail etc. Journalists then subscribe to different topics and will only receive news from those. This means that you can never be sure that all your contacts will receive your press release and you can´t control exactly when the release will be distributed. If I´m not mistaken you have to sign up and pay for a full year at a time.

The startup way

Just send all relevant contacts an email. If they’re just a few, send them personal emails with your news attached and why you think it’s relevant for them. Otherwise, just send the press release straight up, don’t forget to put all contacts on BCC. Never attached heavy images, instead make them downloadable from your website and simply paste a link in the mail. This might be the best way to start for an early stage startup – as things progress you can look into upgrading to one of the services above.

By the way, I just found this article today – “The top 26 international tech journalists: a European startup’s guide”. It’s a great guide for startups as it gives a great overview of the top international journalists. Find them on Twitter, follow them and engage them in real conversation. Once you’ve built up some sort of “relationship”, feel free to drop them a link to your site.

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