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Five quick questions with Supergram

Written by on April 18, 2013

I recently stumbled upon the landing page for Supergram – a service promising to to turn my Instagram photos into high quality prints. Heard that before? Well, me too – so I caught up with co-founder Chrille Peterson (who previously co-founded travel site Destly)  for a brief chat about Supergram and how they can triumph in this amazingly crowded space.

First off, tell us about yourself and your background?

10+ years from the ad/web agency world, working as a web strategist and concept developer. Co-founded travel startup Destly 2010 (now 8 employees, 2 offices) and currently working at an agency called Grand Public and doing some freelance work.

What is Supergram and where did the idea come from?

Supergram prints your Instagram images. The original idea is based on our love to digital-meets-offline in a combination with an Instagram fascination. Images on Instagram are perfect for analog sharing and printed they become more important than just an image in your feed. A perfect way to share and keep memories and moments.

There seem to be many competitors in this space – how are Supergram unique and what are you doing to win this battle?

By doing three things: high quality prints, super fast delivery and a user friendly experience. And by being affordable.

Is it just yourself, or do you have some other team members?

Supergram is me, Anders, system developer and Urban, UX/UI designer and frontend developer. It’s a great team with a perfect combination of skills. @chr, @iamanders and @urre on Twitter. We are all based in Jönköping.

What are the next steps for Supergram?

Launching within the EU in a couple of weeks, currently we are running a private beta.

Thanks Chrille!

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