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Martin Thörnkvist: I’m sure Malmö will be a global success soon

Written by on April 18, 2013

Hi Martin, tell us about yourself and what you do at Media Evolution?

I’m the Program Director for Media Evolution and The Conference. I also work for Flattr.com and run the music label Songs I Wish I Had Written). Media Evolution is a member based organisation that work with the media industries (games, film, music, news, communication etc). as well as tech startup and design companies to become better together. Everything we do, we do in collaboration with member companies. We run a working space / meeting point for 100 companies called Media Evolution City (http://mediaevolutioncity.se/), release a quarterly publication, run a learning program etc etc.

You’re based in Malmö – tell us about the startup scene down there.

It’s growing and we are about the reach the tipping point where we can call it a scene. The mixture between developers, entrepreneurs, designers, people who’ve done an exit or two and the public “innovation system” is in place and is maturing. Everybody is very accessible and helpful to each other. I think this a great asset when it comes to build a globally successful company from a small town.

It’s exciting to follow the work of companies such as http://kvittar.se/en/http://getsalesdoneapp.com/https://settlebox.com/http://www.tunaspot.com/http://www.emues.com/https://flattr.com/. I’m sure that the people behind those companies will create a global success soon.

You are involved in organizing The Conference – tell us about that.

The Conference is an international event organized annually (9th year) by the non for profit organization Media Evolution. We focus on factors that are affecting our society, with a media industry angle to it. The Conference attracts, among others, executives and creatives working with communication, design, planning, programming and growth hacking. 900 persons participate, including 40 speakers from around the world.

We focus on factors that are affecting our society, with a media industry angle to it. The Conference attracts, among others, executives and creatives working with communication, design, planning, programming and growth hacking.

Our main topics are “human behavior”, “new technology” and “make it happen”. This years title is “Power, Disruption and Lies” (borrowed from the incredible New Order album).

You have some pretty impressive names this year – including the co-founder of Reddit. Tell us how you go about getting these people to the event.

Like I just did it above actually. We work really hard to get interesting people and aren’t just settling with cool names and brands. We do our best to be personal and have a human approach and feel to topics, speakers and attendees. It think speakers can feel that when we invite them.

And after a years of successful sold out conferences the rumors among the “speaker community” is starting to spread. Speakers tend to have a really good time here. Tricia Wang wrote a love letter after her participation last year.

Finally, what will attendees take away from the event?

You will be among the first to know about what macro- and micro media trends are coming and how they are affecting our lives and societies. You will get inspiration and hands on ideas for your everyday life and business life. And you will be apart of the only media conference that is gender equal, both in speakers and audience! And, you will of course meet with other smart and cool people within the industries, from all over the world.

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