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Ex-MTG CEO Robert Kviby launches new startup Urlybird

Written by on April 9, 2013

Hi Robert, so what is Urlybird?

Urlybird is a company that will build on the tech we have developed for our first product, Twurla. There is more coming up and most of the things we do will build on that initial dev. Twurla is connecting a recommendation to a transaction. Basically from the timeline to the checkout line. There’s a lot of people posting recommendations, using url:s, to their Twitter following. And if the link is not to your own platform, it can be hard to track the generated clicks, and impossible to track the generated business. Twurla takes care of that.

Simply stated, it’s an url-shortener connected to Google Analytics and to thousands of affiliate programs. Hence, if you use Twurla to shorten the urls for the recommendations you post on Twitter, you can track the clicks on your own Google Analytics, and you can earn money on the transactions your links create…

 I see you have experience within the media industry – tell us a little about that?

In 2003 I joined Modern Times Group as a management trainee (after being a developer for some years). I stayed for nine years and had a great time. I started out in free-TV, then spent a couple of years in pay-TV and radio, to return to free-TV and the Marketing Director for Sweden and then a short stint as the CEO of the radio in Sweden. As I said, great years during an exciting era in the TV-business. And the experience and network that I gained during my time at MTG comes handy now. I was a great place to start with.

What stage is Urlybird at right now?

Urlybird has just launched its first product after some time developing. Hence, it’s very early stage. But we have added our first users, in Sweden and abroad, and the first stream of revenue is coming in and even if it’s small, it’s enough to be a proof-of-concept and that’s great. So, early but after proof-of-concept you might say.

Are you currently looking for additional team members?

We are looking for content creators for our next product. Freelance writers within books, music, TV/Movies and travel.

Have you taken any funding?

So far it’s self-funded. That’s sometimes harder than raising money but it also allows a huge amount of freedom. But a good partner that could help grow Urlybird is always interesting.

What are the next steps for you and Urlybird?

To add users, here in Sweden and abroad. We have several thousand affiliates in our system so a user in the UK, or US will benefit form Twurla as well as a Swedish user. Right now we do invite only but we are nice people – so anyone interested could drop us a mail at invites@urlybird.com.

 Thanks Robert!

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