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Applika – webapp specialists in Malmö

Written by on April 8, 2013

I recently read about a small startup called Applika who had just been funded and won ‘Best Newcomer’ award at the Nordic Startup Awards – so I was curious to find out how it is going for them. I caught up with CMO Pierre Orsander for a quick chat.

Tell us a little about Applika and how you guys got started

Applika started in the beginning of 2012 and was founded by me (Pierre Orsander) Hannes Remahl and Kristian Ledel.

The idea started when me and Kristian felt we could do something better than we did on our current job-positions and do something that we could wake up every day and feel good about. I asked a developer and friend of mine, Hannes, if he wanted to join. Of course, he was interested. And then the magic trio was born.

Our first idea was to focus on native apps, but after much consideration we fell in love for mobile webapps for the flexibility and unique market.

Tell us about the team

We have two teams at Applika.

Sales Team: Consists of Kristian and our sales-people from Sweden and Denmark. Focus on selling our products based on our different types of packages depending on the clients need.

R&D Team: Consists of Me and Hannes. Focus on developing our customers mobile webapps and further development of our systems and products. Also focuses on In-House production of software and graphical material.

What kind of clients are you working with?

Merrild, Bokia Killbergs, Peter Landgren & Co and Våningen & Villan.

What are the next steps?

The next steps for us at Applika is to continue to be bleeding-edge and enhance our products. We want to expand our costumer-base and take our business to new countries in Europe.

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