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How many Swedish startups can call Apple, Google and Samsung their clients?

Written by on April 5, 2013

Well, Bryntum can. Bryntum is a startup based out of Helsingborg that sells software to some of the worlds biggest companies, namely Apple, Google and Samsung.

While consulting for a mobile phone manufacturing company, Mats Bryntse (Founder) was developing an web based application for the client intranet that would be used to visualize lots of data. As part of this task, he came across the Ext JS framework in 2007 (used to create advanced web applications). It was soon pretty clear that this tool could be used to do things on a web page that was previously extremely difficult. One of the problems faced during the consulting gig was to present a complex schedule screen, without using any browser plugins such as Flash. Since there was no such complex planning component available at the time, Mats decided to write his own in his spare time. After many long nights with no sleep, plenty of coffee and code he published the result in a developer forum. After showcasing it in a few online examples and YouTube videos, the word spread quickly. In 2009, Mats decided to quit his regular job and start Bryntum to sell his JavaScript components. 3 years later, over 1000 companies in 65 countries have purchased one of the Bryntum products (now also including a Gantt chart and a JavaScript testing tool).

The Bryntum client list includes Apple, Google, Disney, United Nations, Samsung and many others. The clients usually have very little in common except a strong need for complex web based scheduling using only HTML5. The company is based in Helsingborg, with one employee in Lund and 3 expert JS developers based in Russia.

Currently the team is working hard on building a new crowd sourced unit test tool with codename Fiesta to be released this summer. They’re also porting the web based components to touch devices, such as iPad and Nexus for easy embedding in a mobile web page or app.

I caught up with Mats for a quick chat to find out more about the Bryntum story.

Hi Mats, tell us about your background?

I studied at LTH in Lund, and then did 7 years as software consultant focused on the web with the Microsoft stack (C#, MS SQL, ASP.NET etc).

You have an impressive client roster, how did you pitch some of the bigger ones?

That’s the interesting thing, we let Google do all the work. Since we’re easily found when searching Google for JavaScript scheduling tools, we very rarely pitch or do onsite sales presentations. Clients interested in our components can simply try our products directly on our site to figure out if it’s what they need. They can also download a fully functional trial to prototype in their web app directly.

You are based in Helsingborg, have you been offered or considered moving to say, the Valley?

I do love the Valley and I go there 3-4 weeks every year. After quitting my regular job I actually spent 3 months in San Francisco and wrote most of the first product there. The inspiration you get in that area can’t be compared to anything.

Have you taken any funding?

No, never felt the need. 3 months after starting the company I was able to have an acceptable salary.

Thanks Mats!


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