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Daniel Daboczy of Funded By Me: “Young people dream of becoming entrepreneurs rather then starting a band”

Written by on March 29, 2013

Crowdfunding seems to be set to explode in 2013 – but Funded By Me claim that the concept of crowdfunding is ancient – as old as time. I took ten minutes with CEO and co-founder Daniel Daboczy to find out a little more.

Hi Daniel, tell us a little bit more about your background?

My co-founder Arno Smit and I met while coding on a webpage at a web-bureau that I was running. Previously I curated and produced massive contemporary exhibitions and he came from Namibia via London and Australia and the startup scene there.

So how did FundedByMe come about?

Out of the frustration when we saw so many creative companies and individual struggle to raise funds and awareness. The American crowdfunding platforms are not open for non-americans and sometimes you need something closer and faster. So we built it because we our selves needed it but also because we wanted to make sure that everyone gets a chance to take an idea to the market.

Tell us a little bit more about the team

We have made really top recruitments and we searched for people that want to change the world. And help entrepreneurial spirits to the market. We’ve went from 2 guys in august to 3 then 5 then 9 and now 14 in total including Finland and Denmark.

Is crowdfunding a trend and if so, how will FBM come out the other side?

Not really. It’s actually ancient. We’ve always joined forces and built stuff together. It’s in our DNA, but social media made it more effective. A good idea can travel fast and become viral.

What’s next for Funded By Me?

To perfect the best practice of equity crowdfunding where we already raised 17 million SEK in 4 months and to expand into Norway and Spain.

A closing question, what do you think of the startup scene in Stockholm?

Amazing. I am lucky enough to be in the epicenter of creativity and see so many amazing people and ideas. The future is bright, and running a company is the new black. Young people dream of becoming entrepreneurs rather then starting a band and that says a lot.

Thanks Daniel!

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