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Quick and easy customer feedback with Touch & Tell

Written by on March 25, 2013

As a business, talking to your customers and getting feedback is one of the most crucial aspects of product development. For a venue (hotel, restaurant, bar) it becomes even more vital, however getting instant customer feedback can be more difficult. Enter Touch & Tell – a new business analytics solution. We caught up with co-founder Jakob Mattsson for a chat.

So what is Touch and Tell?

Touch&Tell is a product that helps stores, hotels and other venues to figure out what their customers think. Current solutions, such as surveys and mystery shoppers, are complicated, expensive or just tiresome.

We solve this with our software for touchscreens. You install the device and it displays a single question and four smiley faces, from sad to happy. As a visitor, you press one of the faces and move on. It’s that simple!

Our pilot cases show an answer frequency of 40-50%, compared to a few percent using email. More answers means more questions over time, and hence also more detailed questions. It also tells you what your visitors are thinking right now, and not a month ago. The result is presented in an intuitive web interface where you can see how it develops over time or compare your different venues.

It’s quick and easy customer feedback!

Who are the main competitors and what makes you guys unique?

The main competitors at this point are the traditional methods; email surveys, mystery shoppers, interviewing people on site, suggestion boxes, home made solutions and so on.

Compared to them, we’re unique in the sense that you simply can’t get as much feedback with any of the other tools.

If someone was to clone us, they’d find that we’ve got some aces up our sleeves. We’re not just good at tech and building great products. We’ve spent a long time dealing with business intelligence, surveys and measuring to improve. The last company we both worked for was in advertisment analytics; collecting and presenting data for decision makers. Before that, I was consulting for a company building web based survey tools. Also, Erik and I are both avid build-measure-learn freaks on a personal level, measuring everything from sleep cycles, to food intake, to overall happiness in life. We love measuring and improving and we’ve helped companies do it before.

Is this a side project or full-time venture?

Full-time! We incorporated and started the first pilot case 4 months ago.

Tell us a little about the team?

We’re two guys and like to keep it small for the moment. We believe in running lean and nail it before we scale it and we’re bootstrapping so far.

Erik Frisk studied entrepreneurship at Chalmers University of Technology and have several years of experience of building organisations. He has shaped sales organisations and customer delivery processes in fast growing tech-companies. He’s also a skilled designer and has a major interest in product development and how to perfect the experience involved.

Me, I’ve got a masters in software engineering and my fair share of experience in building IT-systems as well as companies. Until six months ago, I was VP of Engineering at Burt (another swedish startup) and heading a development organisation of a dozen. Before that I was the CEO of a consulting company with 60 part-time employees. I’ve also started another product company, but that’s another story. In my spare time I speak at tech conferences and do technology due diligences for venture capitalists.

Both Erik and I have a good understanding about enterprise sales and business development.

What are the next steps for you guys?

We’re currently running pilots in a lot of different industries and our intention is to figure out which segment to focus on first. We’ve found that very diverse business are interested in Touch&Tell, but we’d prefer to make it a necessity in one segment, rather than a nice-to-have everywhere. We have some indications on where to focus, but I can’t tell you in which direction that is yet.

And then it’s time to create the sales- & marketing-machine. Hiring people and building partnerships too.

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