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How much are your ‘Likes’ worth? Interview with Linus from Flattr

Written by on March 19, 2013

Flattr is the Malmö-based social donations platform that aims to help consumers give back to content creators. They’ve  been all over the tech news this week – as they’ve announced that they’ve extended their “social micro-donations” platform with a number of critical partnerships  Previously, the Flattr button was the only way for consumers to donate to their favourite creators – but from today users can hook up their Flattr budget to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter whereby generic ‘Likes’ on those platforms will also count as Flattr donations. In simple terms, if you have set up an account at Flattr – you can now give small monetary donations to your favourite Instagram photographers by using the Instagram like.

I was interested in hearing more about this concept, so I caught up with Flattr founder Linus Olsson for a quick chat.

Tell us a little more about yourself and your background

I’m a computer nerd since the c64 that have done most of the things one can imagine with computers. I love the internet and the ability it gives everyone to create, share and communicate. So this is now my home turf.

What inspired you to start Flattr?

The inspiration to start with was Peters, my cofounder. He wanted to find a way to pay for content that was in line with how the internet works. The first iteration we did was the flattr button. Yesterday it was taken to a whole new level, a level much closer to the vision we had to start with.

You’re of course talking about the new partnerships iwth Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter etc. One question I have though is, are we ready for Flattr? 

The world is really getting there, the idea of crowdfunding in general has started to become something people see as the future. People really love the idea of adding money to likes. It’s very close to why people use like-features. Until know the likes has though just been something without real value, but not any more!

Sounds good. What are the next steps for you guys?

Adding more services people can use Flattr on and closing the message loop. So people that don’t have a Flattr account gets a notice when they got Flattred to collect their Flattrs.

Very cool. Off topic, how is the startup scene down in Malmö?

It’s quite good for the small place Malmö really is. We are located in a small startup space called Jard with a bunch of really good and talented people.

Final words of advice for up and coming Swedish entrepeneurs?
< Execution is everything. Product, product and product. Thanks Linus!

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