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Solving a real problem – Virtusize

Written by on March 10

When looking at startups, they generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Creating a problem so they can solve it
  2. Solving a real problem

Virtusize is doing the latter. They are solving a problem that has plagued online shoppers since the dawn of online shopping itself – the sizing problem. As e-commerce keeps on growing, that same issue persists, holding back buyers from pulling the trigger on purchases.

Virtusize claims to have solved this issue by creating an application that lets you compare the sizing of a product with a product that you already own. You can set your “reference” sizing in one of two ways, either by manually entering the measurements of a garment you own, or by selecting a similar garment from a Virtusize-supported store.

Whilst this product is a god-send for consumers – it would appear that webshops will be amongst their happiest clients – as they can see “up to a 60% reduction on returns“. Removing this common friction should lead to a lot more sales, making everyone happy.

Virtusize are currently integrated with NellyFashionIslandStylebop and Soft Goat.

I like what I’m seeing and look forward to testing it out soon.

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