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Written by on September 11

If you’ve ever implemented a payment solution for your startup, you might agree when I say that it can be a bit messy (and/or time-consuming, dull, boring, hard, annoying, etc.). That’s why I was so excited the first time I heard about Mondido. Here comes a nimble Swedish startup with the promise of a developer […]

Written by on September 12

With the upcoming elections it’s hard to find a more suitable startup to write about than Mentimeter. The Swedish startup has built a web-based tool that allows real-time interaction between presenter and audience. It makes presentations, lectures and forums more exciting to present and to attend. I’ve used it myself a few times. A common […]

Written by on September 10

TimeApp is a time-tracking application built on the basis of the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) -method. The application was created by Martin Eriksson, a technology enthusiast, and Lars Knapasjö, a full-blooded entrepreneur. They wanted to build a high-quality software that is smart, efficient and simple to keep a track of time, expenses and mileage.

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Although being at the core of the Swedish startup community I find myself learning about my friends companies from Swedish Startup Space before anywhere else. It’s quickly become the Glue that keeps the community together

Carl Waldekranz, CEO at Tictail

We see more and more world-class companies coming out of the Nordics, and Swedish Startup Space helps us meet them early on

Harry Briggs, Venture Capitalist at Balderton Capital

Creandum are great believers in the power of strong ecosystems and Swedish Startup Space is a great initiative to further strengthen the Swedish startup ecosystem

Staffan Helgesson, General Partner at Creandum

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