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Written by on October 8, 2015

During the years first nine months of the year, investments in the tech sector amount to almost $960 million according to Breakit’s research. However, signs are now showing that the investment rate is slowing down. Breakit has compiled publically made investments in Swedish tech companies, during the third quarter of this year. In total, there are investments […]

Written by on October 13, 2015

Venture capital firm Springfield chose a bit of an unusual approach to raise money for their portfolio companies. Springfield is allocating two spots in their accelerator for companies looking to raise crowdfunding capital. This is how it will work: Springfield will make $60.000 seed-investments in two start-up companies when they get a spot at the accelerator later […]

Written by on October 12, 2015

More and more start-ups venture crowdfunding to finance their entrepreneurial journey. But what does one actually do to succeed? The innovative laser razor Skarp is right now crushing the Swedish crowdfunding record. So far this year more than 20.000 people have donated almos $4 million, with six days left of the campaign. But there are other companies […]

Written by on October 7, 2015

Nine nears ago Gopi Kallayil founded a yoga program for those employed by Google. Today, he is the chief evangelist at the company and has managed to make everyone from high positioned managers to engineers understand the use of mindfulness. Tuesday 6th of October was opening night for the two-day conference Wisdom Stockholm. Speakers from around the whole […]

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Although being at the core of the Swedish startup community I find myself learning about my friends companies from Swedish Startup Space before anywhere else. It’s quickly become the Glue that keeps the community together

Carl Waldekranz, CEO at Tictail

We see more and more world-class companies coming out of the Nordics, and Swedish Startup Space helps us meet them early on

Harry Briggs, Venture Capitalist at Balderton Capital

Creandum are great believers in the power of strong ecosystems and Swedish Startup Space is a great initiative to further strengthen the Swedish startup ecosystem

Staffan Helgesson, General Partner at Creandum

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